Wednesday, April 16, 2008


       I tried out the Hip Hop Abs yesterday.   Julia accompanied me through this and was enjoying herself.  "Mommy, look at me", she would call out occasionally.  The movement of the instructor's mouth did not match the voice over.  Either it was dubbed or it had poor quality.  I was fine with this flaw.  You only need to concentrate on the body movements with this video anyway, so no problem there.

       There was a timer on the screen- to let you know how many minutes the sequence has been going on.  8 minutes into the sequence, my throat felt really parched, so I got some water to drink.  After doing it for 12 minutes, I had to stop.  I was feeling really hot despite air condition and somewhat dizzy.  I was expecting not to finish it, especially since its been a while since I had some exercise.  Julia came to me and said, "Mommy, why you're not doing it anymore?"  I just could not go on.  Bummer, and I felt I was back in my teens while doing those moves lol :-)  

    Hope to do at least 20 minutes on my next workout :-)

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