Friday, April 18, 2008


   Early January of this year, I received a call asking if I was interested to be featured on Girlfriends' magazine.  It was to for an article in their regular section on Money.  At first, I was really surprised, then I was flattered before I finally felt apprehensive.  "Can i think about it, first?" was my answer to the offer.  I consulted DH and friends.  Should I? Should I not?  My friends were excited for me, telling me how this is will be a great experience.   DH left me to decide, "Whatever you want, its up to you."  To make the long story short, I finally agreed.

     We had the photo shoot/ interview early February at Mega's studio along Emerald Ave.  We were greeted by the managing editor, who introduced me to my makeup artist, hairdresser and interviewer/writer. They were all there waiting for me :-)  While I was having my hair done,  I had a pleasant interview/conversation with Lucille.  It was just like talking to your girlfriend!  A girl approached who identified herself as the photographer.  "I'd like to ask what you would be wearing for the shoot?"  I thought for a while and said, "This. (holding up my sleeve)"  I thought she might be expecting me to have brought a wardrobe along- lol!  Anyway, she needed to know as she was setting up the back drop for the shoot.

     The shoot turned out really well.  Paola, the photographer was very pleasant.  She made me feel relaxed and even asked me to see the shots she had taken so far.  During this entire time, DH was at the background with his SLR trying to take some  "behind the scene photos", while the managing editor was working with Paola on the best way to get my picture.  I felt like a celebrity.  So this is what it feels like to have people fuss over you :-)

    2 months after the shoot, I have the magazine with me and it still feels surreal.  It was a great personal experience - one that gives encouragement and excitement.   


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