Monday, April 14, 2008

My Little Art Place

  The agenda  yesterday was to attend the art exhibit of Nico at My Little Art Place along Wilson St.  We got there a bit late and found the place full.  Parents and even grandparents were there to appreciate the works of the kids.  

    Nico started with his fun photography lessons with Teacher Maya last March-right after Holy Week.  When I first asked him what he thought of  photogrpahy classes, Nico immediately showed interest.  It's always been a puzzle where to enroll the kids every summer so the photography class was very timely.  The kids were taught basic things about photography like lighting and composition.  Each session, they were given assignments on what to shoot like, pets, portraits of family members and their favorite things.  
The other week, when there was a motor show, Nico insistently wanted to go.  He took pictures of the cars there while DH took pictures of the models :-)  One of the photos he took from the motor show was displayed at the exhibit.  Next week, he'll be having some make up classes and Teacher Maya asked permission if she could bring the kids out to take photos. Will post some of the pictures he took in my future entries. 

      My Little Art Place is located at 222 Wilson St., Greenhills.  Tel Nos. 4094122


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