Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Olympic Friendlies

After following the Olympic opening and games last August, Nico & Julia were really bitten by the Olympic bug. DH and I found ourselves consuming "Happy Meals" from McDonalds's just to get those Olympic collectibles. Recently, a friend of mine had her mom buy these FuWa from Beijing for Nico & Julia. Nico super loves Jing Jing, who represents the panda. He's had this thing with stuff toys especially pandas. I think it started when we first went to Ocean Park when he was 4 and saw a real panda. The second time we were there, we bought him a cute panda stuff toy that he keeps with him while he sleeps. When Nico slept over at his cousin's house last weekend, he wanted to bring JingJing with him. I advised him to leave his stuff toy at home so he told Julia that she could sleep with JingJing for that night. I thought that it was really sweet of him :-)

A while ago, the kids asked for some paper and showed me these drawings. I just love them. What do you think of their drawings?
Julia's drawing of BeiBei

Nico's drawing of JingJing