Friday, April 18, 2008

My top 10 reasons to blog

1.  Blogging is therapeutic.  It has a good effect on the mind.  It relaxes.  Blog is to the mind what a massage is to the body.
2.  Blogging lets you rant, rave, complain, babble.  It gives you a voice.
3.  Blogging makes you feel like a columnist but one that has total independence on when and what to write about.
4.  Blogging inspires.  A highschool classmate who read my blog says she was inspired to write a blog herself after stumbling upon this.
5. My blog lets me feature my kids' work and anecdotes.  Hopefully, they can get to read them when they're older.
6.  Blogging lets me reflect-something less practiced when you get caught up in the hussle-bussle of life and technology.
7.  Blogging gives me the opportunity to tell stories and connect with other people.
8.  Blogging has a lot of potential for financial rewards.  Might get into paid blogging one of these days -to get funds for my online shopping :-)
9.  Blogging is a learning experience everyday.  You get to learn so many things - also get to know the lives of people even if you don't know them yet. ha ha!
10.  Blogging is a way of expression. Much like how you wear your hair or the way you speak.   It gives you a sense of self that only a few can provide.


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