Tuesday, April 15, 2008

       I never thought I would ever blog about make up.  Its one of the topics I'm less likely to write about.  Those who know me will understand what I'm saying.  For one, I rarely use makeup and if I do so, its more because I had to than because I wanted to.  I first heard about Bare Escentuals from my sis-in-law who purchased hers online.  Did not get interested as I don't really put make up on.  But I got to try it when a friend used it on me for a video shoot I had a few months back.

     When i asked a friend to buy me the Bare Escentuals starter kit during her trip to the states, my girl friends got intrigued.  "A person who does not like make up is buying THIS makeup", was Steph's comment.  So, they ended buying a set for themselves, too.  
     I got the starter kit the other day and watched the DVD included in the kit.  I'm such a dummy on make up that I found the video quite useful.  It included the specific steps and even the particular brushes to use.  DH and Julia had the question mark look on their faces when i was trying the make up on. "Why are you putting on make up?" asked Julia.  They're not used to see me "kikay" lol :-)  
     The mineral makeup feels really light on my face.  Its very easy to apply and you don't  look like you have make up on.  For someone who's so not into makeup, I really like it.  

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Prily said...

wow! i am just like you, not really into make-up. hope this product is available in scotland. maybe i can try it,too? but anyway, i'll remember the brand. thanks for this entry and thanks for the visit at my site.have fun with your new kikay kit!