Monday, January 14, 2008

party pooper

I'm not very fond of big parties.  I find them tiring and loud.  I don't know if its the age but I've come to dislike the crowded places and the loud sound that comes with it.  Last weekend, I attended 2 of these kiddie parties that gave me more reason to dislike them.  Not because I don't like the hosts of these parties but because of the behavior of the people in big parties like these.  While I was making sure my daughter was ok in the kiddie area, I found some yayas 'stealing' some of the prizes intended for the games from the table.  They were just getting them without the host or party organizer knowing about it.  Talk about setting good examples for their wards.  

Why do these yayas do this?  I know for a fact that some employers actually encourage and train their yayas to be aggressive in these kinds of situations.  I 've heard them, (when they think they are out of earshot) tell their yayas to get balloons even if the party has just started or make sure their children get into the booths whatever it takes(meaning they have to make 'singit'). At a recent party we went to, my daughter told me a yaya pushed her while she was in line to get giveaways.  My sister-in-law, who was in the same party, got pissed when an 8-year old girl rudely asked her to stay at the back of the tattoo line.  My sister-in-law was actually ahead of the girl, she just left for a few seconds to bring her son to the table and informed the others about it.   On my out of the party, I saw a woman take the life size picture of the birthday celebrant from the entrance.  I find it really odd because I don't know what she will be doing with it.  Later that night, I heard that the host was looking for it.  I bet she didn't think anybody would be interested in it.

What's with these parties?  Why are people behaving this way?  I'm not surprised if one day, psychologist or sociologist would have a term for this.   Is this normal or am I just a party pooper?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My first blog

     I know that blogging is not something new...but it is to me.  I enjoy reading others' blogs and often wish I have the time to do the same.  As a mom, wife, daughter, homemaker, teacher, student, sister, and friend among others, TIME is something I always need more of.  This 2008, I want to try being able to do this-for myself.