Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's so embarrassing!

   That's what Nico said when I tried to take his picture while he was at McDo for the Kiddie Crew program this afternoon.  He started going to McDo yesterday, but I only had time to visit him today.  I was planning to take some pictures of him behind the counter but found them on the second floor doing art.  I only wanted him to have a picture of this summer activity, but several attempts I made to take his pictures were all in vain.  He would turn away, cover his face with his cap or hide behind his cousin just to escape me and my camera.  Haay! Lately, Nico's been acting like he's grown up.  He downloads music on his own, raps and bounces as he listens to music and uses "Duh!" or "Who cares?" a lot in his conversations.  

    I don't want him to grow up too fast.  I still like him to hug and kiss me everyday even in front of other people.  But today, he said, "It's so embarrassing!"  It's a good thing that he handed this bag to me before we went home.  I know it was part of their activity at McDonald's, but it still melted my heart when he said, "Mom, this is for you."


Wil said...

A simple gesture of giving added meaning to a supposedly ordinary summer activity. I am pretty sure that you, as a mom, feels so proud of your son's actions. I felt that this is a truly inspiring and feel-good story worth sharing and mentioning!

van said...

I don't have a kid yet, pero I imagine that it's a little tough on mother's seeing their kid's growing up (and having less need for them eventually).

But it's all good, i suppose :)