Friday, April 25, 2008

The Men Hunt Tag

       I got this from Wanda who got it from someone else.  It was fun reading about  them and so I thought I'll snag it so I  have an excuse to talk about hot men. :-)

 Here they are:
1.  Jerry Yan  

      Admittedly, when I first saw Jerry in Meteor Garden, I did not like him-especially with his pineapple hairstyle.  But, he grows on you, just like his character as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden.  Among all the hot men in my list, he's the only one I got to see upclose and personal.  I wasn't that much of a fan to go see his concerts but when a friend had access to his Bench presscon and lunch conference at Manila Pen afterwards, I didn't let the opportunity pass. During that time, a lot of girlfriends got jealous that I could see him in person. Well, some girls have all the luck:-) hehe.  Of course, I needed proof that I really saw him, so pictures had to be taken. Unfortunately, the ones I have are with a group, so I won't be posting them here. :-(

      I've liked him ever since his Remington Steele days.  He's so cool and I find him to be a real debonair in his roles.  When he became "James Bond", I was hooked.  I made it a point to watch all his James Bond movies.  I also loved him in "The Thomas Crown Affair" and  am anticipating its sequel. Aside from his showbiz persona, Pierce is also an environmentalist and uses his stature to promote his advocacies.  Although he's well into his fifties, I still find him very sexy :-)

     The name McDreamy is just so appropriate.  I love him in his role as Dr. Derek Shephard.  I just think he looks so hot in those scrubs.  Plus the hair and dimples :-) hay!

    So there, these are the top 3 in my "Hot Men List".  What do they have in common? hhmm...they're all bedimpled?  Incidentally, so is DH :-) lol Now its your turn to share your list of  "Hot Men".  To follow, copy what's written below and tag all the people you want.  

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It’s up to you how narrate your stories but there are two rules: 1.Post pictures (I want to see what is all the hotness about), 2. Keep the linky linky alive :D (Tip, highlight the text which has links, right click and choose View Selection Source and just copy the HTML). Link the post where you wrote about the topic so women can find more drool-worthy men. (You might need to publish and then edit the entry first)

List: 1. Wanda, Pinch   I'm tagging Tere, Portia and Mia. 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prayer For Serenity

   While looking for something in our room today, a brown and worn out piece of paper from the cork board caught my eye.  I remember this. It used to be white paper where I have copied the "Prayer For Serenity".  I think I've had this pinned on the board for like 9 years or more.  When I held it, it felt brittle and about to crumble.  
    Oftentimes, we seek to have control over the things around us and forget that we do not really have control on them.  It makes us unhappy and discontent.  I like to share this to those who are currently unhappy about something in their lives or those who seek some peace of mind.

Prayer for Serenity

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, 
and the wisdom to know the difference. one day at a time
...enjoying one moment at a time.
...accepting hardships as a pathway to peace
...taking , as Jesus did, this sinful world as it is.
...trusting that you will make all things right if I surrender to your will.
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with you forever in the next.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's so embarrassing!

   That's what Nico said when I tried to take his picture while he was at McDo for the Kiddie Crew program this afternoon.  He started going to McDo yesterday, but I only had time to visit him today.  I was planning to take some pictures of him behind the counter but found them on the second floor doing art.  I only wanted him to have a picture of this summer activity, but several attempts I made to take his pictures were all in vain.  He would turn away, cover his face with his cap or hide behind his cousin just to escape me and my camera.  Haay! Lately, Nico's been acting like he's grown up.  He downloads music on his own, raps and bounces as he listens to music and uses "Duh!" or "Who cares?" a lot in his conversations.  

    I don't want him to grow up too fast.  I still like him to hug and kiss me everyday even in front of other people.  But today, he said, "It's so embarrassing!"  It's a good thing that he handed this bag to me before we went home.  I know it was part of their activity at McDonald's, but it still melted my heart when he said, "Mom, this is for you."

To do list

      It's summer and that means I have more time to do things that I did not have time to do during the school year.  Things that I have shelved for next time because it takes so much time to accomplish and probably because they're not my favorite things to do.  Anyway, I'm listing it down here in the hopes that it will motivate me to do them soon:-)

1.  Renew my professional teacher's license which expired last Feb. - If anyone of you have been to PRC , you'd easily understand why I've been putting off doing this.  The red tape and the rude people there are the topmost reasons this task is hard to accomplish.

2.  Clean up our study room.  -  The paper and books have been piling up in our study room. And looking for a particular book entails searching the 4 large plastic containers that are really heavy that you wouldn't want to look for them anymore.   I've accumulated so much resource and reference books from grad school that there's really no place to keep them.   My friend says, the rule to follow if you need to decide whether to keep or throw something away is to answer the question: "When was the last time you used this?"  If the answer is more than 2 years ago, then you should let it go.  My problem is on the letting go part.  I always think that I might still be able to use it.

3.  Come up with a master list of all the children's books we have at home. - I've always earmarked myself to do this but never got to do an inventory.  DH once commented: "What are you going to do with all those books when the kids are all grownup already?"  My answer, "I'm going to give these to our grand children!" :-)  Especially my collection of Dr. Seuss books.

4.  Put together  videos of our family trips.  Since we shifted to MAC, making videos have become something we non-professionals can do at home.  But, since it takes so much time, it has always been shelved till next time.  I was able to do one for school, but only because it was for a project.  I have to do at least one this year. 

I know I have more to add for this list, but this is all I can think of for now.  

Monday, April 21, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

   I've been toying with the idea of getting into paid blogging.  It won't hurt to earn some extra while you're already doing what you enjoy, right?  A friend of mine who recently signed up for PayPerPost gave me some feedback that it was quite easy to get into PPP.  To qualify, I think your blog needs to be at least 30 days old and has to have x number of posts.  Plus, you get to write your opinion about products or services that interests you.   What I find very convenient about PayPerPost is that it pays bloggers through PayPal- a really safe way to send and receive money.

    Anyway, I was going through PPP's  site last night to try and learn more about it.   It was indicated there that my blog will need to be assessed first if it was qualified.  I decided to sign up since I assumed it will take a couple of weeks or at least a month before it could be assessed. That's why, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email after only a few minutes that my site has been approved.  I felt a bit anxious as I wasn't clear on how to go about these things yet. 

    As of now, I'm still learning the ropes on how to go through the process of paid blogging.  I'm looking forward to this new venture and recommend it to those who love to write or simply want something new to do.  

Friday, April 18, 2008

My top 10 reasons to blog

1.  Blogging is therapeutic.  It has a good effect on the mind.  It relaxes.  Blog is to the mind what a massage is to the body.
2.  Blogging lets you rant, rave, complain, babble.  It gives you a voice.
3.  Blogging makes you feel like a columnist but one that has total independence on when and what to write about.
4.  Blogging inspires.  A highschool classmate who read my blog says she was inspired to write a blog herself after stumbling upon this.
5. My blog lets me feature my kids' work and anecdotes.  Hopefully, they can get to read them when they're older.
6.  Blogging lets me reflect-something less practiced when you get caught up in the hussle-bussle of life and technology.
7.  Blogging gives me the opportunity to tell stories and connect with other people.
8.  Blogging has a lot of potential for financial rewards.  Might get into paid blogging one of these days -to get funds for my online shopping :-)
9.  Blogging is a learning experience everyday.  You get to learn so many things - also get to know the lives of people even if you don't know them yet. ha ha!
10.  Blogging is a way of expression. Much like how you wear your hair or the way you speak.   It gives you a sense of self that only a few can provide.



   Early January of this year, I received a call asking if I was interested to be featured on Girlfriends' magazine.  It was to for an article in their regular section on Money.  At first, I was really surprised, then I was flattered before I finally felt apprehensive.  "Can i think about it, first?" was my answer to the offer.  I consulted DH and friends.  Should I? Should I not?  My friends were excited for me, telling me how this is will be a great experience.   DH left me to decide, "Whatever you want, its up to you."  To make the long story short, I finally agreed.

     We had the photo shoot/ interview early February at Mega's studio along Emerald Ave.  We were greeted by the managing editor, who introduced me to my makeup artist, hairdresser and interviewer/writer. They were all there waiting for me :-)  While I was having my hair done,  I had a pleasant interview/conversation with Lucille.  It was just like talking to your girlfriend!  A girl approached who identified herself as the photographer.  "I'd like to ask what you would be wearing for the shoot?"  I thought for a while and said, "This. (holding up my sleeve)"  I thought she might be expecting me to have brought a wardrobe along- lol!  Anyway, she needed to know as she was setting up the back drop for the shoot.

     The shoot turned out really well.  Paola, the photographer was very pleasant.  She made me feel relaxed and even asked me to see the shots she had taken so far.  During this entire time, DH was at the background with his SLR trying to take some  "behind the scene photos", while the managing editor was working with Paola on the best way to get my picture.  I felt like a celebrity.  So this is what it feels like to have people fuss over you :-)

    2 months after the shoot, I have the magazine with me and it still feels surreal.  It was a great personal experience - one that gives encouragement and excitement.   


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


       I tried out the Hip Hop Abs yesterday.   Julia accompanied me through this and was enjoying herself.  "Mommy, look at me", she would call out occasionally.  The movement of the instructor's mouth did not match the voice over.  Either it was dubbed or it had poor quality.  I was fine with this flaw.  You only need to concentrate on the body movements with this video anyway, so no problem there.

       There was a timer on the screen- to let you know how many minutes the sequence has been going on.  8 minutes into the sequence, my throat felt really parched, so I got some water to drink.  After doing it for 12 minutes, I had to stop.  I was feeling really hot despite air condition and somewhat dizzy.  I was expecting not to finish it, especially since its been a while since I had some exercise.  Julia came to me and said, "Mommy, why you're not doing it anymore?"  I just could not go on.  Bummer, and I felt I was back in my teens while doing those moves lol :-)  

    Hope to do at least 20 minutes on my next workout :-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shopping bag

    I just got back from a trip to Divisoria.   Here's a list and description of the things I bought:

1.  Hip Hop ABS DVD Vol 1-8 (able to haggle it at P30 without the case) - I'm planning to do some workouts at home 'coz I haven't been playing badminton for a while.  

2.  Coffee Prince DVD -(P50) -  I feel like watching those funny yet mushy Korean telenovelas so I bought this.  I also made sure it had Chinese subtitles and voice dub-I have a hard time watching them in Korean but with English subtitles.

3.  a dozen of those spring accessories for the hair ( with cherry designs in different colors) P36 - Julia had some of these in a different design and yaya said it was nice for her hair.

4.  2 rolls of  1/2" satin ribbons in matte gold and golden yellow (P25 each) -  They were on sale at Morning Glory!  I recently bought a stash of shiny red and royal blue gift wrappers but was only able to buy silver ribbons for the blue.  I couldn't decide between the 2 colors available but since it was on sale, I got them both. I'm sure I'll be able to use them for other purposes.

5.  small memo notebook with black pages  P30 -  I love these!  Since we have lots of gel pens at home,  I can write on these to my heart's content.  Btw, I tried it right away and discovered that light colored pencils like white, pink or yellow write very well on these, too! Yey!

6.  Canvas cloth (P50/yd) - am planning to make bags for Julia's giveaways on her birthday.  Just to clarify, I'm not making them myself, just buying the materials and have it sewn :-)

Hay! I had to huury back so I was bitin.  Will go back as soon as I can.


       I never thought I would ever blog about make up.  Its one of the topics I'm less likely to write about.  Those who know me will understand what I'm saying.  For one, I rarely use makeup and if I do so, its more because I had to than because I wanted to.  I first heard about Bare Escentuals from my sis-in-law who purchased hers online.  Did not get interested as I don't really put make up on.  But I got to try it when a friend used it on me for a video shoot I had a few months back.

     When i asked a friend to buy me the Bare Escentuals starter kit during her trip to the states, my girl friends got intrigued.  "A person who does not like make up is buying THIS makeup", was Steph's comment.  So, they ended buying a set for themselves, too.  
     I got the starter kit the other day and watched the DVD included in the kit.  I'm such a dummy on make up that I found the video quite useful.  It included the specific steps and even the particular brushes to use.  DH and Julia had the question mark look on their faces when i was trying the make up on. "Why are you putting on make up?" asked Julia.  They're not used to see me "kikay" lol :-)  
     The mineral makeup feels really light on my face.  Its very easy to apply and you don't  look like you have make up on.  For someone who's so not into makeup, I really like it.  

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Little Art Place

  The agenda  yesterday was to attend the art exhibit of Nico at My Little Art Place along Wilson St.  We got there a bit late and found the place full.  Parents and even grandparents were there to appreciate the works of the kids.  

    Nico started with his fun photography lessons with Teacher Maya last March-right after Holy Week.  When I first asked him what he thought of  photogrpahy classes, Nico immediately showed interest.  It's always been a puzzle where to enroll the kids every summer so the photography class was very timely.  The kids were taught basic things about photography like lighting and composition.  Each session, they were given assignments on what to shoot like, pets, portraits of family members and their favorite things.  
The other week, when there was a motor show, Nico insistently wanted to go.  He took pictures of the cars there while DH took pictures of the models :-)  One of the photos he took from the motor show was displayed at the exhibit.  Next week, he'll be having some make up classes and Teacher Maya asked permission if she could bring the kids out to take photos. Will post some of the pictures he took in my future entries. 

      My Little Art Place is located at 222 Wilson St., Greenhills.  Tel Nos. 4094122


Friday, April 11, 2008

That's the point!

Have you ever analyzed the reasoning of a 6 year old?  Here's part of the conversation I had with Julia last night  that shows how she relates abstract things to concrete ones she understands - cookies.

Me:  "Julia, who do you love more? mommy or daddy?"
Julia:  "2 of you."
Me: "No, just 1."
Julia: "Ay, 3  including ahiya."
Me: "If its just one, who do you love the most?"
Julia: "Mommy, if you're very hungry, how many cookies would you eat?"
Me: "I don't know."
Julia: "  So, if you're very very lovable, how many people can you love?  see? that's the point!" (speaking matter of factly)

     Anyone of you got her point?

I love Mac!

     This is a late post, but still worth telling.  Me and DH love MAC ever since.  We love how user friendly it is, its sleek design and its reliability compared to the PC.  The application " iLife" that comes with it is also the best!  You don't even need a manual to learn how it works.

     A few weeks ago, we got another reason to love MAC the more.  See our brand new 20" iMac Core 2 Duo?  We got it in exchange for our almost 3 year old 17" G5.  Sweet deal, right?  The secret?  AppleCare Protection Plan.  AppleCare extends your ordinary warranty of a year to make it a 3- year coverage.  

    When Mac people asked us if it was alright for them to change our G5 to the new 20", we were just too thrilled about it!  READ-smiles extending to our ears. :-) Try using the Mac, you're sure to love it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

     Julia is into a lot of drawing lately.  She always has to have pen and paper with her wherever she goes.   Drawing keeps her preoccupied for hours each day.  

   Last March, she was commissioned to do the artwork for the souvenir mugs the school gave to the alumni students.  I was the one who was more delighted when we finally got the mug!  I love it!  
     Admittedly, I'm not very fond of mug as gifts.  But if the mugs are designed with children's artworks or drawings such as this one, it's definitely for keeps!  

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can you spot the difference?

    The latest game/program that I'm tinkering in my iphone is called WeSpot.  The mechanics of the game is very simple:  Take a look at the almost identical pictures and try to find the 5 things where they differ.  Sounds easy, right?  The picture above is one of the easiest...but it gets more and more difficult by the level.  At one point, the pictures given are those of real images and the differences become even harder to spot.  Try the one above and give yourself 60 seconds to finish this.  Maybe you'll enjoy it as well! 

    Spent the morning baking cupcakes!  Ever since I saw a cupcake stand from a baking supply store, I suddenly wanted to bake again.  Its been quite some time since I've actually whipped up something from the kitchen. And since it was DH's birthday, I decided to make cupcakes for his simple birthday  dinner with the family.  The kids also got involved and actually enjoyed messing up the kitchen.  They measured, poured and mixed the ingredients gleefully.  It was likewise fun for me to be able to do this again.  All those baking pans and equipment have been untouched for some time now and it feels really homey to make things from scratch.  Since its summer, I've agreed  to do more baking with Julia.  Am planning to make some homemade chocolate chip cookies next week. :-) hmmm...

Friday, April 4, 2008

A proof of the "Roadrunner Society" that the authors  were pertaining to is this ad I saw at The ad clearly markets Gymboree's classes by preying on parents' fears that their children might fall behind others if they don't enroll them in these kinds of activities.  
     The book has opened me to the realities of today's society that puts pressure on the children to achieve more, better and faster.  As a parent, I may not fall prey to these kinds of marketing strategies, but the message of the authors has given me a more critical eye in singling these kinds of ads that send wrong messages to parents and practitioners.  It has made me more aware of the environment and how it has contributed to the anxiety of the parents to push their children some more.

     The book was very insightful especially when it tackled the findings of researches on how children really learn and develop.  As a teacher, it provided me the backup to use play as often as possible in curriculum planning.  Prior to reading the book, I had some ideas about the benefits of play in children.  However, the book has widened my knowledge about the effects of play even in the areas of social and emotional development.  I used to presume that children's intellectual development needed nurturing and that social development will take care of itself.  Now, I understand better that children need help in regulating their emotions and that our responses t them shape their sense of self.

     In the area of cognitive development, the authors pointed out how play is really the foundation for learning.  During play, children are able to talk more, create more and engage more.  Play is directly related to greater creativity and imagination for children, which is important in developing their problem solving skills.  The book's message about play has made me reflect on the frequency I utilize play as a way for children to learn about the concepts we introduce in school.  It illustrated how learning meaningless, disembodied facts is so shallow compared to learning in context.  Play provides learning that is real and allows the innate creativity in children.

     After reading the book, I feel that my role as an educator should also extend to an advocate of play.  I can do it right inside my classroom by providing children with more resources for play and encouraging learning by setting up activities that are play-based.  As a co teacher, I can communicate the benefits of play to my colleagues.  Educating parents is also an important factor in advocating play for children.

     In a way, the book's message has helped relieved the stress and anxiety I may have over the quantity and pace of learning the children I am involved with are suppose to have.  It reassures me that my instincts with children are correct and that I should resist being affected by the inputs of a marketing strategy like the one above is communicating.  Play should be given back to children and emphasized more than ever.  Reflect. Resist.  Re-center.

To Teach

      Reading the book “To Teach” by William Ayers felt like having a glimpse of what is to come for me in the future as a teacher.  The author began writing about the challenges of teaching and found its way back to where it started by coming to a full circle.  ”To Teach” is a book that touched a lot of aspects in my short journey as a teacher.  There were parts in the book that I had to mark because it just felt like my own sentiments that was written on the pages/  ”Why do you want to teach?”, “What made you choose to become a teacher?”. are questions most people I meet and know ask me all the time.  Even those who do not verbally ask me these questions have the same thoughts when they learn that I am a teacher.  During my initial year, I wanted to teach because I want to try what it was like to be a teacher.  The next year, I wanted to teach because it is where I find my creativity has an output.  The following year, I wanted to teach because I find it rewarding and fulfilling.  Each year I grow as a teacher, I become more enriched and more mature in the way I see myself.

     From the author’s own words, “Teaching is an activity that develops and flowers over time, that there is no way to be an experienced teacher without first being a new teacher.”  I realize that teaching is a way of life.  It is much like being a parent where no specific techniques or style can be prescribed to become a good one.  It is not like a skilled worker who can become an expert at what he does through practice.  With teaching, you deal with different individuals and there is always interaction involved.  In a way, I think this is why teaching is fulfilling.  By establishing relationships with individuals, you give a part of yourself to them as much as they give a part of themselves to you.

     Seeing the journey of a teacher who has come full circle, I find myself reflecting whether I would remain to be a teacher through the years.  I believe that teaching is a passion.  One has to be passionate about it to become a good teacher.  But, will my passion for it sustain after 10 years? 20 years?  I am inclined to think that if I feel I cannot be a good teacher, I would rather not be a teacher anymore.  Do teachers who do not remain to be teachers after some years, really not meant for teaching?  The book has opened me to ponder on these thoughts.

     Teaching is indeed challenging.  It demands a lot from the teachers but it has its rewards.  I think the most important thing I have learned from the book is that being a teacher is a journey that is a continuous lifetime affair.  Teaching is dynamic, always in motion, always searching to find better ways.  The end of the journey as a teacher is also the end of becoming one.  There is no race or finish line to rush in this journey.  What counts in this journey are the lives I touch and change because of my being a teacher.