Saturday, March 7, 2009


DH and Nico had been raving about WHAM since last year. One time, DH brought home (take-out) some Wham burgers but I didn't feel it was really special. The chicken burger wasn't crispy as he described it, and the buns from the beef burger were soggy.

Yesterday, we decided to have dinner at Wham in Robinson's Place Ermita. Left the camera at home so I just took these pictures using my iPhone. Might not have done justice to the burgers but they're really good. Even Julia, who wasn't particularly fond of burgers really appreciated the Crispy chicken burger. (P103) I had the Wham burger with single patty (P93) and DH had the Bronco burger (P138), which had a generous portion of bacon and barbeque sauce. Nico, who normally eats very slow, finished his chicken burger faster than me!

Since Wham burgers are grilled upon order, they're best eaten fresh or right away they are served. Not a good idea for take-out as the juicy burgers will make the buns soggy. The chikcen burger, when wrapped will loose its being crispy. Defintely recommend this to burger lovers. Yummy!!!


Anney said...

I've tried the Bronco burger and liked it! I also like their different dips for the fries.

Pin Thoughts said...

Hi anney! I haven't tried their fries but since you have good feedback on it, I'll try them soon!