Thursday, March 5, 2009


Its been a while since DH and I went on a trip-just the 2 of us. Mostly, our trips the past years have been with family and friends. Last month, we decided to take a trip to HK/Macau, with the Venetian as our main point of interest.

The night before our flight, Julia hugged us really tight as if to make up for the few days we won't be with her at home. She was hiding her teary eyes and was fighting to keep them from flowing. I instantly became guilty that we were leaving. Its not that I haven't anticipated this reaction from her. I knew she would really be sad despite the fact that I have tried to prepare her with the idea of our trip weeks ago. I felt very uneasy, so I decided to write her letters for the days we won't be around.

In the first letter I wrote...

Dear Julia,

You always surprise me when you come home from school, so I decided to surprise you today. I bet you didn't expect to receive a letter from me. By the time you read this, daddy and mommy will already be in Hongkong.

I remember you told me yesterday that you wanted to answer crossword puzzles. I found some easy crosswords for you last night so you can answer them this afternoon. If you are having a hard time, you can check out the answer key for some clues.

Don't forget to sharp your pencils later after doing your homework. Try not to miss daddy and mommy too much. We'll call you up tonight.


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