Thursday, March 12, 2009

I wish I could get married again...

...if only to have amazing wedding videos created by Jason Magbanua. (sigh) I know I might come across as a stalker after this confession but, I've just spent an hour watching wedding videos of couples I do not know at Jason's site!

As evidenced from his works, Jason Magbanua has a knack for capturing those moments that are specially meaningful and memorable in a milestone event such as a wedding. His videos are full of emotions and very real. You can just feel the love :-)

As a bride over 14 years ago, I was never fussy or meticulous about the details in our wedding. I was not very hands-on with the wedding preparations, so to speak. My wedding gown is nothing like the ones that are in fashion nowadays. Imagine a gown with long sleeves, sweetheart neckline with an overlay of sheer material above it, fully beaded with petticoat and all. I had a train that was very exquisitely beaded but also very heavy it was quite difficult to move. During that time, it was considered quite a beautiful gown since I received several compliments for it. Today, I don't think you will find any bride who will choose a gown of this kind.

I couldn't care less about the cake either. Since a relative of DH offered to supply the cake, I didn't have to sit down and talk to her about the design. I had no idea what our souvenirs or giveaways were until the wedding day itself as they were made by DH's aunt as a gift to us. Generally speaking, I'm fine about how the wedding came out, but today, while watching those wedding videos, I can't help but wish that I got married in the digital age for photos and videos so I can have ours made by Jason. Haay!

Yeah, I know...I can't turn back the clock. Anyway, there's a saying that what's more important is not the wedding itself but the marriage after that really matters. Enough said. :-)


cris said...

hey, maybe you can have your renewal of vows on your 15th year or 20th or 25th (or whenever!) and then get jason magbanua as videographer. in fairness, ngayon lang naman naging uso yung mga onsite videos. :)

Jason Magbanua said...

Thanks for the shout out Pin! =)