Thursday, March 19, 2009

on credit cards

We've been planning for our trip to Australia since end of January. For this trip, all of our bookings for hotels and airlines both international and domestic were made online. DH and I were talking about how convenient it is to plan trips nowadays especially since the internet and credit cards have made it possible.

A couple friend we have, who's planning a honeymoon trip to Europe lamented on how big the difference in exchange rate a particular bank charges and is contemplating on getting another credit card just for the trip. I mentioned that they should check and compare credit card services at to get a general idea of what credit card would best suit their needs. Quite popularly, there are now more choices of credit cards for specific purposes. Take for example, Rustan's and Shell gas credit cards that give certain percentage of rebate for purchases made.

Admittedly, credit cards have been part of everyone's lifestyle. We'll just be buying a minimum amount of Aussie dollars for the trip and charge most of the expenses on our credit card.

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