Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm a slave to the computer...

     Yup, I admit that I am.  I eat, breathe and sleep the computer.   I recently discovered that turning on the computer is the first thing I do when I reach home, while turning it off is the last thing I do before I leave.  I spend most of my awake hours on the computer to surf, shop, check mails, research, blog, talk to friends through ym, watch videos, listen to music, arrange photos and so much more.  Yesterday, I purposely went out of the house to take break from being on the computer the whole day, but I still found myself using my iPhone to search  and check my mail and updates.  

      There's no denying that all these advancement in technology have shaped our lifestyles and habits.    In our house, the ratio of family members to the computer is 3:4 ( 3 computers to 4 of us).  Despite this small ratio, I sometimes wish it was 1:1.  Nico's almost always glued to the computer like me.   And over the years, he has wowed us on what he has learned to do by himself using the computer.  A few years back, he surprised his dad by preparing him a birthday powerpoint presentation.  We did not even realize he knows how to use it - no one taught it to him and he did not learn it in school.  He just tinkered with it and figured it out by himself. Early this year, he came up with a video clip  of the American Army game that he's so addicted to.  He accomplished this despite the fact we did not have any programs for it.  He downloaded the tools he needed and learned by searching You Tube!  My point here is that everything's a fingertip away with computers.  Its so easy, convenient and so addicting.  But lately, I found that its so easy for me to loose my sense of time when I'm on the computer.  I keep wondering where all my time went....  I think I have to set limits for myself and stick to it.  

    Since its Sunday today, I'm going to sign off and spend it with the family.  Its my day off today.  On Monday, I can go back to being a slave to the computer:-) he he he



Sara said...

Hope you enjoyed Mommyfest. =) Hope to see you around sometime.

Twinklescrapbooks said...

Tee hee! I am a slave to the computer also. :) Tina