Monday, May 5, 2008

I Survived Sagada!

   Last Labor day weekend, DH and I, together with friends went up North to Banaue and Sagada.  We have been talking and planning about this trip for months and despite some minor conflicts in schedules, we finally pushed through.  
   After doing research from the internet and getting feedbacks from friends who have been there, we had a set of expectations from the trip.  We knew there will be hiking and climbing. We expected the rough roads and only expected the basics from the accommodations we made.  

   But, even when our minds were conditioned for this trip, our bodies were not. The 9 of us on the trip had an average age of 38 and after the our first day hike to the Batad Rice Terraces, we all agreed that we should've came here in our twenties.  This came along with the realization that despite the fact that we feel young, our bodies contradict it.  The proof for this is how our first dinner conversation included things like Alaxan, Bengay, Ponstan and Salonpas.  Then we started to talk about things we should do while our bodies will still allow us.  

   Maybe that was what we were thinking when we decided to do spelunking at the Crystal Caves of Sagada.  The adventures we had there are dubbed to be for the strong, experienced and the fit spelunker.  The irony of it is, we are none of the 3 adjectives mentioned.  We were in fact, new to spelunking.  Someone from our group even asked, "What exactly does spelunking mean?"  This not only illustrate how little we knew about what we got ourselves into but also meant that it was several "firsts" for us.  First time to do rapel, to climb down small holes, to get into knee deep cave mud and many more...

    I can probably say that this trip is the most different, adventurous and tiring experience I have had.  I don't regret being there but I doubt if I'll do this again. As of now, what i really what to say is "I Survived Sagada!".  

    I have more stories to tell about Sagada, will post them in my next entires :-) 




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