Thursday, May 8, 2008

The case of the missing shoes

      I'm taking a short break from the Sagada travel stories...will still write about them but let me just tell you first about something mysterious that happened on our Day 2 in Banaue. Read on...The case of the missing shoes!

      I was busy packing things in our room when DH barged in and asked, "Where's your Crocs?".  I sensed the panic in his voice so I shrieked, "Outside where I left them."  "Its not there!", said DH. "What do you mean its not there?", I said in disbelief.  We both went out through the hallway and tried looking for it by the entrance where our muddy shoes from the hike were suppose to be left.  A few seconds of trying to find where it is, we both confirmed that it was missing.  Why would anyone be interested in my old 'Crocs'?  Just then, a man with eyeglasses came down holding my Crocs and said, "sori, sori!" with either a Korean or Vietnamese accent.  
    DH said he saw the man wearing MaryJanes and thought it was mine.  He couldn't confront him coz he wasn't sure.  He just felt it odd coz they were for girls.  Whew!  I can't loose those Crocs especially since they're my comfort travel shoes.  I'd gladly wear them despite their bulky look as long as my feet are comfy.
     A few minutes later, DH was at the veranda with his camera taking pictures.  The man passed by wearing my Crocs again!  That was it- DH followed him and had to tell him that those were not his shoes.  When DH handed me back my Crocs, I kept them in our room, lest he try to wear them again.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt the first time, but its obvious it wasn't a mistake.  

    Over at breakfast, we heard that 'he' also wore the slippers of my girl friend.  This guy was going around the inn wearing whoever's foot wear! Our guess was, he did not have any slippers or easy take off shoes to use around the inn.  When I saw him again, he was wearing sneakers with laces. But then, it wasn't an excuse to wear other people's shoes or slippers.  Good thing he was wearing socks the whole time this shoe swapping took place.  Grrrr!

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