Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Manila Oceanarium

It must be the age, but as years pass, DH and I feel more and more averse to crowds. That's why, when we saw this big crowd at Manila Oceanarium last December '08, we decided not to push through despite being there already. Fortunately, we were tipped by the guard that the crowds usually have cleared up by night time. And since the park was open till midnight, we decided to go back after dinner. Turned out, it was a good decision. We didn't have to push and elbow people while appreciating the marine life, plus, there was enough time to take all the pictures we want- sans the flash photography as it was prohibited.

I've always been fascinated by the sea horse - the way the swim and coil their tails with each other. I particularly asked DH to take photos of it.
Nico, me and Julia on those luminous blocks while watching the fishes swim.
The blue spotted ribbon tail ray Nico and me at the "Fish Spa"

For some reason, the "doctor fish" didn't want to nibble at Nico's feet. Even when he switched places where there were more fish, they just ignored his feet. This irked him a lot. Julia on the other hand, got scared when the fish started to nibble. She put her feet up the whole time, refusing to dip them back into the water.

Our guide on the glass bottom boat ride told us that more attractions are being built for the park. Coming soon are dolphin shows and a hotel connecting to the Manila Oceanarium. Next time...


amiable amy said...

how much is the fish spa?

Pin Thoughts said...

hi amy! I think it was P120 per 20 minutes for the fish spa. thanks for dropping by :-)

jeanny said...

uy...looks fun :). Is it ticklish?

Pin Thoughts said...

hi jeanny, yes its a bit ticklish but relaxing too. you should try it :-)