Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dashing Diva

Last Sunday, Julia attended a birthday party of her friend's held at Dashing Diva inside Beauty Bar. She was pretty excited as it was her first time to attend a party like this. When we got there, most of the girls were already on their seats having their nails done. Mommy Jeneen, the celebrant's mom, suggested I help Julia pick her nail color and also the nail art design that she wanted.

While waiting for her manicure/pedicure, Julia decorated her own cupcake with pink icing and "lipstick" marshmallows. The girls chatted away while having their nails done. Their smiles evidently showed that they were having a great time. I made Julia wear her flipflops so she won't ruin her pedicure. Some girls, who wore closed shoes were made to wear disposable slippers while they stay at the drying area.

When DH came to get us after the party, he only has one word about what he saw - "Kikay!" as he shook his head repeatedly.


cris said...

ang kikay nga!

caryn said...

wow, that's a great idea for kids' parties ;-)