Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Kids

Julia used to be a nerd. She hates it when school gets called off, loves to write and study and is the one to remind me of her homework (not the other way around). Nowadays, she has slightly shifted from that state. She now enjoys vacations more than school (she joins Nico is rejoicing for school holidays) and occasionally needs to be reminded to do her homework. I always tell friends that Julia has become "normal".

Julia does well academically. Honestly, I don't have problems with her at all. What she routinely does is to open up pages of her homework and assignment notebook and all I have to do is sign them. Last quarter, she was top 4 in her class and was in the honor roll. Yesterday, she gave me the good news when she handed me her honor card. Sigh! I know...I'm so lucky.

Nico is doing pretty well himself. Although not on the honor roll, Nico has a general average of 91 each quarter. This, he achieves all by himself, without me coaching him or a tutor. I know its not really a feat when you compare how we were in school before. But with kids these days mostly dependent on tutors, I consider it something.

Last year, from out of the blue, Nico told me, "Mom, thanks for teaching me and helping me with my homework." I became teary eyed when he said this because it means he valued the time and effort I spent in teaching him. How many kids would know and be grateful of this?

DH and I always discuss how lucky we are to have good kids. We feel really blessed and hope they become good adults in the future.

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