Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Penmanship Contest

I got good news from Julia this afternoon. She came home and gave me this letter.

On the letter it says...

"Your child, __________, Gr /Sec _______is one among the Top Five finalist of this year's Penmanship Contest. As such, s/he is qualified to join the final round which will be held on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 in the library at 7:00 am.

We advise you that a finalist loses by default if s/he is absent.

thank you very much!

May we continue working hand-in hand in developing the penmanship skills of our children. Good penmanship enhances one's personality.


ok, my first thoughts were... wow! I was excited for Julia. I mean, I've never been on any penmanship contest in my life, even though I've always been complemented that I had nice penmanship. I knew it was really something for her bec Julia said, "Mom, I can't beleive it!" She said it in a very calm and relaxed tone while I was ecstatic, almost jumpy. Ok, that was my stage mother instincts kicking in. :-)

When I was young, and would get compliments on my penmanship, my mom would always dismiss it saying, " Na u tong iyong?" (translated in Fookien for What's the use?) See, during those times, my parents believed that for you to become better, criticisms were forms of making you strive harder. I'm not about to follow her footsteps on that one. I gave Julia a lap hug and praised her profusely.

Ok, but wait. Did you see that last part of the letter? "Good penmanship enhances one's personality." I hope for DH's sake this isn't true. He happens to have one of the louiset penmanship I've ever seen. hahahahahahh

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